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Have you ever doubted that you had the strength to overcome a challenge in life?
Have you sometimes felt lost or ready to quit?
Were you always told only the strong survive?

There are times in life when we will all encounter great obstacles, whether they are barriers to success in our careers, relationships or issues with our health. Often these obstacles may seem insurmountable, but in her book Only the Strong Thrive: A True Story of Struggle, Perseverance and Triumph, April H. Collins takes a different angle.

Using her faith as a foundation, she has faced hardships and challenges that could easily have broken others and denied them their dreams, but she uses the lessons learned to provide you with the impetus to choose a good way of living, forgive others, free yourself from mental and emotional chains and be happier as a result.

In each chapter you will discover something new that will add another layer to the strength you already have within you and, with an application that reaffirms these, Only the Strong Thrive becomes a building block, not only for the moment, but for the rest of your life.

"Only the Strong Thrive"

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