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Sometimes we doubt ourselves and the strength we possess to overcome the challenges of life.

Sometimes we quit, often when we are closest to the answers.

In her book, Only the Strong Thrive: A True Story of Struggle, Perseverance and Triumph, April H. Collins tackles these barriers to success and happiness, using faith and the belief that we have what we need to navigate through difficult times.

With this application journal, which perfectly complements it, you can process each chapter in your own way, tackling each issue in the way that suits your situation.

Complete with Bible verses, prompts, questions, and plenty of space to express your feelings in free writing, this journal forms a vital part of your journey and can be purchased and used in conjunction with the book.

The strength to overcome life's challenges is already within you.  With this accompaniment to Only the Strong Thrive you can use your strength and perseverance to build the future you want.


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