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April has brought the world another jewel that should be held above many others. There is tremendous power in this book. Her story resonates with me because many of us would not have made it to our goals without caring mentors and God being with us every step of the way.  Only the strong thrive!


Circuit Judge-Elect

Arkansas 10th Judicial District

Only the Strong Thrive perfectly illustrates how a person can  overcome tremendous hurdles and build the life they deserve. It takes bravery to share the painful low points, and love to inspire others through that honest story. This is a gift from April H. Collins to young people who need encouragement to keep going.


Author, Superheroes Wear Mom Jeans

Drawing on her incredible life-story of overcoming adversity, April has written a beautiful and touching book that deserves to be read widely. She will challenge you, but she will also inspire you to navigate your own difficulties with confidence and hope.


Minister, Hoover Church of Christ

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